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Dancing is a historical tradition.  Pole dancing is a new form of dance, tracing back to the 1920’s.  Once considered taboo, but the arts have expanded and pole dancing has become main stream.  Today, many women have installed poles in their bedrooms, and women now attend pole classes at their gym or dance studio for pole dance fitness or feminine dance instruction.  Women want to feel empowered, self-confident, fit, and all women want to keep their husband or boyfriend happy!  An hour of pole dancing can burn 400-600 calories at least while strengthening every single muscle in the body! Pole dancing isn’t usually taught parent to child, so people are seeking schools where they can learn.  The director of Vertical Dance is leading an effort to put pole dancing in the Olympics; many believe it will happen by 2016.  When pole dancing makes it to the Olympics, more of the world will be exposed to this style of dance.

Dance Fitness is dedicated to bringing quality and affordable dance instruction to Peachtree City, GA.  There is a very curious and dedicated pole dance community already located in Peachtree City.  However, there has never been an actual dance studio where these people can expand their knowledge of dance and enjoy being with other people of like interests.

Most women think they are not "strong enough" to pole dance, or they say they do not have enough arm strength.  The classes at Dance Fitness start for the beginner!!!  The classes build these muscles, and then students can progress to the next level.



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